OOO PK "Technoresource"
445026, Samara r-n, Togliatti, Sever nay str. 49
tel/fax: +7 (8482) 63-51-21

About Company
Dies, molds and press tooling
Filters for pneumatic and hydraulic system
Special spare parts and non standard tooling
Production quality control

About Company

OOO PK "TECHNORESOURCE" is a privately-held company founded in 1997 and now headquartered in Togliatti, Samara r-n.. Steady, dependable growth as industry and employer rests on sound financial management, a long-term outlook, private ownership, capital reinvestment and continuous technical innovation.
OOO PK "TECHNORESOURCE" will persist in the development of investment casting and related technologies in order to offer ever-better products and services to its established and new markets throughout the world. Highest unit volume production, shorter lead times, and reduced inventories are remarkable points of our services . The company represents different domestic and foreign machine building companies and delivers metal fabricating, cutting, measuring, forming etc. machines to our major customers AVTOVAZ and etc. Currently, the AVTOVAZ supplied towing eyelets assembly (2170-2803180, 21218-2803180-00 and 21218-2803180-10).

Location in Togliatti

Togliatti, Severnaya str 43 Tel: +7 (8482) 63-51-21,+7 (8482) 63-50-61
fax: +7 (8482) 63-51-21